It wasn’t so much the story itself that impressed me, but the way the sound effects were manipulated to create suspense and apprehension. All the music used in the background reflected each situation perfectly, and it did not interfere with hearing the dialogue.

The way the voices were made to sound a little distorted was also really well done. It sounds like they are really talking in space through an intercom. The occasional sounds of static representing a brief loss of signal and the way the breathing of the ‘astronauts’ sometimes gets heavier from exertion all add to the authentic feel of this podcast.

The anecdotes shared by the astronauts stranded on the moon and the sound effects used with them made it more introspective and heartbreaking. Ending their part with the Buzz and Neil stuck on the moon questioning why they were even there in the first place made it even more tragic and moving.

The tragic fact that they were going to die without really knowing the purpose of their mission is emphasized at the end of the podcast when someone announced the doomed fate of the astronauts to the American people. He gave the truth of the mission to everyone but the ones who were supposed to carry it out, making it seem to have been made in vain.