To make my audio story recounting the crash of Amelia Earhart’s plane, I used to get most of the sound effects used.

This is where I found the real transmissions Amelia sent out before she disappeared:

To get her transmissions just as an audio file, I used

Once it is downloaded on your computer, you simply paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to save into the top left corner where it says “Paste Link”.

Once I had the video, I used iMovie to save it as an audio file.

Then I used Audacity to put all the sounds together to create the story.

When I finished, I exported the Audacity story as a mp3 and then uploaded it to SoundCloud.

Subtitles For Transmissions:

To make the subtitles, I looked up aeronautical maps on Google Images and saved some.

I opened them up in Photoshop and added a Gaussian Blur effect at 3.5 radius.

The blur was to make it easier to read the text. Then I cropped the picture a little bit to make it smaller.

Missing Poster:

To make a realistic missing poster, I looked up some examples online and made my poster using a mixture of all these layouts.

This was my final product. All the information in the poster is true, I looked it all up.

Newspaper Article:

To make the article, I used a website called It is a website where it allows you to select and edit text in a bunch of different layouts (newspapers, flyers, brochures, etc). It is free to make an account.

To get to the newspaper layouts, you want to click on the first box, called A4. You’ll then get to this page, where you can click the drop down bar to the left where it says featured and find the newspaper category.

Then you can choose from a variety of different newspaper styles.

Unfortunately, the free version does not allow you to save your creation as a pdf or a jpeg unless you buy the premium version.

But, I found a loophole. You can simply press fullscreen on the preview feature and then take a screen shot of it and crop all the gray background out.

Camp Poster:

I pretty much just found a picture of Amelia Earhart on Google Images and free-styled it until I felt it looked right. I didn’t use any references.

Movie Trailer:

And last but not least, I made Amelia’s movie trailer using iMovie. I gathered all the clips I needed using, and then uploaded them into iMovie.

When I finished, I saved it as a mp4 file.