So far I’m really enjoying this class! It took a little while to figure out how to set up WordPress and Flickr because I’ve never used them before, but I have enjoyed the challenge. I really liked picked my theme for WordPress because it reminded me of when I used to obsess over picking a theme for my Tumblr account. Good times.

The social media aspect will be a bit new to me because while I do use social media daily, it is mostly to stay connected to others. I’m a very private person so I do not usually post a lot about myself or what I’m doing, but it’ll be good to get out of my comfort zone for a little while.

Here is my Twitter I made for this class:

It’s been a minute since I was on Soundcloud, and I mainly use Spotify to listen to music now but if you’re interested in listening to some music I liked four years ago here is my Soundcloud:

I really love Flickr and I’m surprised I haven’t been using it all this time because photography is a hobby of mine. Here is an album of pictures I took of UMW that I posted on my profile:

I’m still working on creating categories on my domain so all my posts aren’t listed under “uncategorized”, but I think I just need to spend a bit more time to figure it out.