Ira Glass Summary:

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Audio Assignments:

Daily Creates:

Comments On Others Blogs:

I enjoyed listening to some of the creations people came up with for the audio assignments, as well as giving what I thought was constructive criticism. Everyone’s creativity is amazing, and I was really impressed with what everyone made. I can’t say I learned anything technique-wise from peoples posts, because I had already read and listened to everything for this week when I looked at them, but I did gain inspiration.

Summary Of This Week:

This week has definitely been the most challenging so far. I have never worked with Audacity or anything audio-related before, and it showed with how much more time I spent this week working on the assignments. I’m really proud with the way they turned out though. I really struggled with making the story using only sound effects because for the life of me I could not figure out how to put the different audio clips into a sequence rather than all the sound effects playing at the same time. I eventually found the cut, copy, and paste tools in Audacity which helped tremendously.

If I had had more time I would have liked to find another website other than to download free audio. Although the tags helped me find specific sounds better, it still took a lot longer than it needed to. There has to be another free website out there that is similar to but is organized better. I looked for a little while, but unfortunately I did not find anything and did not have time to keep looking.

Overall, this week I learned how a thoughtful, planned out, and well-executed podcast can really be used to almost manipulate people’s emotions. While this can be dangerous, it can also be used to spread positive stories, inspiring messages, and heart-warming anecdotes.

Before this week I think I’d assumed that radio and podcasts were going out as more visually dominated story-telling platforms such as Instagram or YouTube have become extremely popular. But I’ve found this isn’t true, especially for the hosts that are consistent with their podcasts and use a lot of the techniques that I’ve learned this week.

With the right tool and techniques, I think podcasters can easily give Instagram celebrities and content creators on YouTube a run for their money.