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Summary of This Week:

What I’ve really loved about the assignments so far is the flexibility. It is really fitting for a storytelling class to have a plethora of assignments to choose from, because it allows us to pick the ones that will help us best tell our stories.

I feel like I really did a lot better with all my posts this week because I really spent a lot of time and effort on them, especially the design assignments. It has been awhile since I’d used Photoshop for creative little projects like these, and I was reminded why I used to love creating them so much in the first place.

I also enjoyed making the gifs, because it gave me an excuse to watch basketball highlights and listen to Disney music for a little while.

I also really like seeing what everyone else posts under the daily creates on Twitter. They aren’t exposing their deepest darkest secrets, but instead just quirky little facts about themselves and what they are doing that specific day. Revealing little facts about yourself or your day can often tell more about who you are than your most personal secrets ever can.

Making my photography logo was definitely the most difficult thing I had to do this week. It took me awhile to find a free camera design I could use, and then to implement it into the design. Finding the right fonts were also a pain, but I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

These past two weeks have pushed me out of my comfort zone a little bit due to having to share stuff on social media, but the work so far has not. I have been doing photography and working on Photoshop for years, so while I did have to refresh my memory on a few things, nothing was inherently new.

The audio section for next week, on the other hand, will definitely be pushing me out of my comfort zone. I have not recorded my voice too much (only for a few projects here and there), and I have never attempted it on the laptop I’m currently using. This will definitely be a much bigger learning experience, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.