Visual Assignments:


Photo Safari:

Overall, this week was really fun and I learned so much. I finally figured out how to create separate categories on WordPress, but I have not yet figured out how to make the sub-categories (visual, design, audio, video).

I really loved reading about the story behind the famous Migrant Mother photograph. I’d seen the picture so many times before, but I never bothered to learn anything about the photographer or the story behind the photo.

I love the fact that Dorothea Lange almost didn’t take the picture. It is a great example of how some of the best work isn’t planned or staged, but instead happens spontaneously.

The photograph itself is raw and powerful. Taken in 1936 during the Great Depression, you see the agony clearly written on the face of the mother, who was probably asking herself, “How am I going to feed my kids tonight?”

I watched a video that delved more into the story behind this photograph. This video argues that while Dorothea Lange did make a spontaneous stop at a pea picker camp on her way home, the picture itself was actually not spontaneous. There were several photographs that lead up to Dorothea snapping the one that would become famous.

The best stories were definitely told through the visual assignments I completed this week. I got personal about memories, personal stories, and dreams and aspirations of mine.

I’m still struggling a little bit to incorporate storytelling into all the assignments, and my goal is to get better each week. I also need to look at other’s posts on WordPress and comment and interact more. I was so focused this week on getting the assignments done that I did not make the effort to do this.

I’m also getting a feel for how much time I need to put into this class each day in order to get everything done. I did not manage my time well enough this week to finish all the assignments, but now that I understand WordPress better and have set everything up I don’t think I will have this problem again.

I’m having trouble getting my microphone working to make content for Soundcloud and YouTube, but hopefully I will figure it out by next week.