I really enjoyed Ira Glass’ advice in the second storytelling video where he explained how telling crappy stories consistently is better than telling a good story only once or twice a month. Success comes from persistence and failure, not perfection and endless favorable outcomes.

I think of photography and videography. The Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers usually post daily, and sometimes more than once. The YouTube channels with millions of subscribers post weekly, if not more than that. Many times the pictures and videos aren’t of the best quality, and could have been a lot better if the creators had spent a little more time on it, but that isn’t the point.

It is not about creating content that is perfect or groundbreaking for every time you post something, but instead about giving fans and followers what they expect. We are habitual by nature, and if it is known that your radio show airs every day at 4 p.m eastern time, your listeners will free their schedules so they can tune in to it at that time.

Your listeners will not like every single story you tell. But, it is the stories they do like that will make them stick around and listen to mediocre stories some days so they won’t miss the great ones.

I am subscribed to Ryan Serhant’s channel on YouTube. He is a real estate broker in New York who is super cool and hilarious, and posts vlogs, motivational videos, and insane house tours. The header of his channel says “New vlog every Wednesday at 8 p.m est”. I definitely have not liked every single one of his videos, but I still watch them every week because I know there is a good chance I’ll love it.

It is better to persevere and be persistent with posting content rather than only post high quality content every once in a while. Especially in this age with the influx of information we constantly have at our fingertips, irregular posting will cause you to quickly get left behind.

If you are interested, here is Ryan Serhants YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG98giOsUxIlXV0rNUhxLew