Ted Radio Hour Summary:

The music used for this little snippet from the Ted Radio Hour was perfect. It wasn’t too much, but the introspective vibe and beat of the music matched the story flawlessly. My favorite part was right at the two minutes and nine second mark when the music stops just as the lady tells her thoughts on the outcome of her experiment. The abrupt cut-off of the music helps deepen the surprise when she says that she is disappointed with the result instead of happy or satisfied, because up until that point it sounded like everything was going well. The music stopping helped emphasize and dramatize the unexpected news, which would probably urge people to keep listening so they can understand why.

ScottLo Summary:

I’m not going to lie, these podcasts were the hardest to listen to. While in the end they did end up helping me learn a few tricks on Audacity, the lack of any visual stimulus along with no fun music or sounds effects made them hard to get through. I know these short broadcasts were supposed to be more informal rather than entertaining, so once I really forced myself to pay attention, I picked up some helpful tips for creating good audio stories.

The tip that helped me the most and saved me a ton of time was about using the tags on https://freesound.org to better find a clip you want to use. When I first started using freesound.org, I was frustrated because there were no categories for certain types of music genres or sound effects, instead having to type in specifically what you wanted. Many times I did not know exactly what I wanted, so finding some way to browse through a general category of sounds would have been helpful. Then I listened to ScottLos podcasts, and heard him talking about tags on freesound.org. I had never even noticed them up to that point, and they provided the way of finding a loose but specific group of sounds.