Videos and Explanation:

This was the first video I made this week. It took me about four hours, and I loved every minute of it. Out of the three videos I made, you can tell this was the first because the music is not lined up nearly as well as it is in the other two. This video just focuses on highlights of LeBron and does not capture too many emotions or defining moments. It also does not include any sound other than the music.

This fulfills:

I poured all my capabilities and every ounce of creativity I possess into this video. This is not just a compilation of sports highlights, but also of emotions, triumphs, passions, dedication, and determination. In some of the clips I included the original sound so you could hear the crowd’s reactions to the play, which really helps capture the sheer greatness and insanity of some of these highlights. I think the music and timing was my absolute favorite. Organizing the clips so that they lined up with the music was a nightmare and I did not do it for all of them, but I think the ones I did turned out really nice. I also added a few stills (1:10, 1:28, and 3:25) throughout the video which added a little emphasis to those specific highlights. At the very end I added photos of some of the greatest athletes of all time, and I tried to use pictures of the athletes either in victorious poses or with their trophies/medals to highlight their accomplishments. You do not need to be a sports fan to enjoy this video, because it shows more than sports; it encapsulates people overcoming odds, pushing themselves to their limit, accomplishing amazing feats, and providing proof that humans can achieve ANYTHING they put their minds to. The only thing I could not figure out was how to taper the music off better at the end of the video.

This fulfills:

In terms of timing and music, this is the best by far. And again, you do not have to be a surfing fan or know anything about surfing to enjoy this video. The music I used is more of an upbeat tune that better emphasized the amazing surfing tricks and lacks the inspirational feel of the previous two tracks. While the previous two videos aimed at representing the time and experience it took to pull off most of those feats, I wanted this video to have a more youthful and daredevil vibe to it. Most of these clips are not from competitions but are rather just random surfing stunts that were captured on video. My favorite part of this video was how I used slow motion surf clips during the buildup of the song before the beat dropped.

This fulfills:

Behind The Scenes:

To make these videos, I first had to find some way to download the clips I needed off YouTube. I found an app called 4k Video Downloader that I could download right off of Google.

It was really simple and let me download whatever videos from YouTube I wanted by just copying the link and then pasting it in the app.

Once I got the clips, I used iMovie to put them all together. All you had to do was create a new project, and then import all the media (videos, pictures, etc.) inside it that you wanted to use.

Then, you just had to cut and organize the clips the way you wanted to, add music, and finalize and save the project.


I realize that I was only supposed to make 2 videos, and that even though I made 3, they did not quite reach 8 stars.

I chose the assignments that I was most excited to make (without the intention of making them all sports-related), and I put my all into creating them. I spent over 10 hours making these videos, and I am very happy with how they turned out. I definitely have a newfound respect for anyone who makes videos like these for a living.

With all this said, I’d understand if you took off some points for not completely following directions, but just so that its clear, I did not do complete only 7 stars worth of assignments to be lazy or try to get out of doing work; but instead because these assignments were what I was passionate about creating. I hope these videos speak for themselves and that it will be obvious that they were not made in 30 minutes.