Many of my favorite photos I’ve taken have been spontaneous and unplanned. Although I am a firm believer in having an idea of what I want to capture each time I go out to take pictures, there are always moments that you cannot possibly plan for.

When I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic in 2017, I went for walk on the beach before we had to leave to catch our flight back to the states. I had finished packing, and I wanted to see the clear blue water and swaying palms one last time.

I wasn’t going to bring my camera, but I changed my mind and brought it at the last second. On this walk I took my favorite picture I’ve ever taken. Out of the hundreds of pictures I had taken over this trip, this one stood out to me because I feel like my creativity really thrived on my spontaneity.

I used my fisheye lens for this photo, and I love the way the light was shining and the way the lens curves the palm trees a little more than a normal lens would. I remember constantly pulling my camera out later on the flight and just happily staring at how good this picture turned out.